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Quebec’s forest industry is in a transition that will lead us to rethink our business model, in the interest of the long-term stability and viability of our industry.

At Groupe Rémabec, this reflection has led us to redirect our efforts in many areas, such as investment and innovation. If we want to remain a strong economic driver for Quebec and its regions, finding new ways to derive value from wood fibre and sawmill by-products has become essential.

Since we have the expertise, human capital, and determination to prepare our industry for the future – we have decided to focus on products that will be part of tomorrow’s forest management… renewable energy production.

For Groupe Rémabec, this is the way of the future, allowing us to maximize the efficiency and longevity of our company’s current operations.

While consolidating the foundations that made it possible for our industry to become what it is today, green and renewable energy production will enable us to remain among logging industry leaders, and to maximize the positive environmental repercussions associated with ligneous matter harvesting and processing.


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Lumber harvesting and processing: considerable leverage in the fight against climate change

Did you know that upstream of innovative projects like green and renewable energy production, lumber harvesting is actually a good way to offset carbon in the air?


interesting statistics!

  • One cubic metre of wood can offset one tonne of CO2.

  • A growing tree can store much more carbon that a mature tree. 

  • Harvested trees keep the totality of the carbon stored within them. On the other hand, the end of their life cycle, trees lose a part of that carbon.

  • One single cubic metre of finished lumber products can offset the GHG equivalent of a car commuting 15.9 km per day for an entire year (Quebec average).

Groupe Rémabec lumber harvesting and replanting operations actively help to reduce airborne carbons and GHGs.

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