Given the importance of the environmental stakes related to its mission, as well as facility and equipment setup and maintenance, Groupe Rémabec wants to remain committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. In this regard, the company gives priority to the certification of its facilities and operations in line with stringent international standards.

The ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system provides diligent monitoring of all activities with potential environmental impacts, and ensures continuous improvement of the company’s environmental performance. Adherence to sustainable forest management standards, responsible ligneous-matter supply, and chain of custody, monitored by independent auditors, guarantee compliance with the most demanding standards. This success is first and foremost the result of commitment by all Groupe Rémabec employees.

Groupe Rémabec’s Environmental and Forest Management Policy

Rémabec wants to conduct its activities with sustainable development and business practice improvement in mind, and in compliance with all environmental and environment-related standards.

Our organization pursues its activities with a vision that will give current and future generations the chance to enjoy forestlands that have been developed and managed with a commitment to preserve the renewable resources that are trees. Thus, Rémabec adheres to recognized certification standards and manages its activities in such a way as to ensure the viability of economic, social and cultural conditions, to the benefit of the group’s subsidiaries and employees. These commitments are listed in the company’s policies:

See Rémabec’s environmental and forest management policy

ISO 14001:2004 Standard

Today’s investors, partners, suppliers, consumers and clients attach much importance to the environmental character of products and services. This is why Rémabec insisted on certifying its environmental management system in line with standard ISO 14001:2004. This standard allows the company to continuously improve its environmental performance by controlling its impacts on the territories where it operates (planning, supervision, public forest management and operations). Therefore, Rémabec wants to demonstrate this commitment through a monitoring tool that assesses how the organization evolves in terms of environmental protection.  

This means that the company must conform to the following four fundamental principles at all times:

Operational planning
Developing operational action plans
Controlling the significant environmental impacts of every activity
Tweaking the process with a view to continuous improvement

Forest Management Certification

Forest management certification in Quebec is a voluntary undertaking by the forest industry. These standards are recognized worldwide and validated by external auditors; they attest that the wood is harvested in compliance with sustainable forest development principles. As an applicant for such certifications in several forestlands in the Mauricie, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and Côte-Nord regions, Rémabec wants to share the following land-development documents with interested parties:

  • Certification TFD Mauricie (UAF 43-51 et 41-51)
  • Certification TFD Port-Cartier (UAF 094-51 et 094-52)

Any questions, comments or concerns about Groupe Rémabec’s forest management certification and environmental management system should be directed to:

Monsieur Martin Bourassa
Directeur, Environnement et santé-sécurité

1053, boulevard Ducharme
La Tuque (Québec)  G9X 3C3
819 523-2765 poste 3305


Groupe Rémabec’s manufacturing division includes seven sawing, planing, and finger-joining mills, as well as two secondary transformation plants in Lac-Saint-Jean, Côte-Nord and Mauricie, which all adhere to a chain of custody certification in line with an internationally recognized standard, as validated by independent auditors. With this, Rémabec aims to make it possible for buyers around the world to follow production from forestry camp to final destination, and have the assurance that final products come from certified forests.

Adhesion to this chain of custody certification is voluntary and, in doing so, Groupe Rémabec wants to make manifest its commitment to responsible forest management with independent chain-of-custody audits of its planning, forestry practice, and products. The chain of custody of our transformation plants is the path taken by our raw materials, processed materials, and finished products from forest to consumer, through processing, transformation, manufacturing, distribution and sales.

That is how Groupe Rémabec’s manufacturing division participates in the sound management of our forest environments to the benefit of present and future generations.

Any questions, comments or concerns about Groupe Rémabec’s forest management certification and environmental management system should be directed to:

Mr. Martin Bourassa
Environment Manager, Manufacturing

1053, boulevard Ducharme
La Tuque (Québec)
G9X 3C3
819 523-2765, ext 3305


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